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TRAC Grooming Report

TRAC Grooming Report

Report for March 20, 2024

Grooming Report for March 3, 2024

Thanks to the storm we had enough snow accumulated to groom 30 miles! Thank you Mike Campbell! He spent 4.5 hours today cleared Beal loop and up to Windigo conecter on Chemult run. Cleared 10 trees and it’s great snow got a good pack down. 

Report for February 20, 2024

March 2nd at 6:16 pm at the Two Rivers General Store. 

Report for February 2, 2024

** Meeting **
February 3rd 
Meeting @ 6:15pm TRN Gen. Store

Grooming Report for January 20, 2024


Due to lack of snow and ability to groom; club ride is cancelled 
** Meeting **
February 3rd 
Meeting @ 6:15pm TRN Gen. Store

Grooming Report for January 15, 2024

Grooming Report for January 14, 2024

Feel like a destination ride? The trip to Manley’s from TRN is smooth sailing!! Thank you groomer volunteers!! 
60 miles
Cleared downed trees and groomed around Crescent lake, into the subdivisions and around Royce Mtn (including goat hill) and back by Cascade lakes hwy. to North Royce loop

Grooming Report for January 13, 2024

Packed in a solid base last night on Chemult run south to Walt Herring Snow Park! Thanks Mike for also clearing out a few fallen trees along the way! 30 mile loop and 4.25 hours!

Grooming Report for January 12, 2024

Groomer headed out Chemult Run North toward Beal Loop.. not sure if you’ll see any evidence by morning 🤣
Let it snow!!! ❄️ ⛄️ ❄️ 
Please let us know of any hazards/trees down near TRN trails .. reports of a tree down on Chemult Run south of TRN about 1mile out.
Volunteers will clear asap.

Grooming Report for January 11, 2024

Grooming Report for January 10, 2024

Grooming Report for January 8, 2024

 Nothing to report as of yet. Please come back.

Did you know that the 4,375 miles of groomed snowmobile trails in Oregon are maintained by 24 different clubs. Each club posts their grooming updates on a page on the Oregon State Snowmobile Association web site.  We have worked with the clubs (as well as with the forest service and other recreation managers) over the past several years to map the groomed trails. This year we set out to identify the specific trails groomed by each group so we could link every trail and trailhead to the appropriate grooming report.  In some cases it was easy to figure out the boundary of the grooming areas but it was more challenging in places where one system runs into the other.  Find these trails and more on the Snow NW mobile app and web map: Our thanks to the clubs that helped us tease out the trails and also helped verify and update the groomed routes for this year including  Burnt River Snowmobile Club Panhandle Snowmobile Club Two Rivers Riders Snowmobile Club Walker Rim Riders Snowmobile Club Wallowa County Gamblers Snowmobile Club Tollgate Trail Finders Snowmobile Club Panhandle Snowmobile Club Chiloquin Ridge Riders Columbia Gorge Power Sledders La Grande Sno-Drifters La Pine Lodgepole Dodgers Moon Country Snowbusters MT Hood Snowmobile Club  MT Jefferson Snowmobile Club North Santiam Snowmobile Club #snowmobile

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