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Ochoco Snow Sports Grooming Report

Ochoco Snow Sports Grooming Report

Grooming Report for March 14, 2024

The trail system is in good condition for the weekend.

Be careful around any steep terrain, as there are a couple of ugly layers buried below. Take a look at the observation before heading out so you can make a good informed plan!

Forecasts – Central Oregon Avalanche Center


Grooming Report for March 5, 2024

Yesterday, Richard and Bob groomed 38 miles of trails. Today, Brandon and I tackled 44 miles, including the Round Mountain and Lookout Mountain loops, and returned through the 22rd road, Twin Butte, and Marks Creek to reach the cat shed.
Don C

Grooming Report for March 4, 2024

On March 23, we're having a potluck lunch at the cat shed with burgers and hot dogs. Please comment on how many are coming and what side dish you might bring. We will do a trail ride afterward, location TBD based on snow and conditions! Bring the family, also let me know if you want t-shirt, hoodies, zip ups, hats exc., I’ll be putting an order soon. 
Can’t wait to see everyone there.

Grooming Report for February 29, 2024

Meeting tonight at 5 please join us at the sandwich factory up stairs ! 

Grooming Report for February 27, 2024

Groomed 35 miles today. 4-10 in. Of new 

Grooming Report for February 22, 2024

Road to Walton snow park is good 

Grooming Report for February 21, 2024

Jim and I groomed 36 miles today we left out round Mountin to the 22 and out to Scott’s camp and around the out side loop and back to the cat shed ! Still some good snow out there if you hunt for it 

Grooming Report for February 20, 2024

Good day of grooming. 33 miles 

Grooming Report for February 11, 2024

We had a successful club ride on Sunday, February 11th at Ochoco Snow Park with 11 members in attendance. We enjoyed a playful day of riding and exploring trails, starting from the ochoco snow park and went to  Indian Prairie warming hut and covering a distance of 33 miles. Going out to pisgah and down to and over twin butte to the 22 road and back to the parking lot  thanks to everyone who joined us !
see everyone at our next meeting on Thursday the 29 of February at 5 at the sandwich factory

Grooming Report for February 7, 2024

No new snow, but Bob and I groomed 26 miles. We did most of the way out to Marks Creek until the snow got thin, then went back to the 22 road and over Twin Butte before returning via the 22 road to the cat shed. Parking lot and road are in good shape road up was plowed today!

Don Ochoco Snow Sports

Grooming Report for February 5, 2024

Was a foot of new snow today Curtis and I groomed 28 mile we did round mountain to the 22 road and went and did Indian prairie loop back to the cat shed cleaned up 3 trees. the road up I recommend good tires or chains parking lot is clear 

Grooming Report for January 25, 2024

Walton lake snow park and road is plowed and in great shape . 4-6 in of fresh snow and no tracks anywhere . Come ride . 

Grooming Report for January 16, 2024

Brandon and I went and put the beacon checker up and put a sign in the snow park warming hut for radio channel there is also on at the devide snow park and at the at the a haul Y. Also the groomer was out today.  People wonder why we don’t keep it stocked with wood because people can’t take care of what we leave  for others use someone cut the cable and broke the ax handle and left garbage behind not cool 
Also road was plowed today and in good shape !  But as always travel prepared chains shovel tow rope and anything else you may want.

Grooming Report for January 16, 2024

Bob and Kyle groomed 33 mile yesterday and removed 10+ trees they did Indian prairie loop over twin buttes to the 22 road back to round mountain and back to the cat shed !

Grooming Report for January 11, 2024

Long day in the Ochoco mts. 24 inches of great snow in parking lot. Parking lot clean. They will plow the rest of the road tomorrow. Road is good from the lake up. Carry chains and a shovel like always.

Grooming Report for January 8, 2024



Nothing to report as of yet. Please come back 




Report for January 2024

Had a good day with the club despite the lack of snow we resorted to wheeled machines and had  some fun riding and did some trail maintenance along the way  and ended with some ribs thanks to Curtis  I think all involved had a good day all in all.  now we all just need to do the snow dances and get snow our way some how lol   

Thanks to everyone for a good day 

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