Mt. Jefferson Snowmobile Club Grooming Report

District 2

Grooming Report Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Final grooming report for the 2022/2023 season.  Knowing that this was the last opportunity and with a fair amount of new snow covering the trails I did my best to cover both east and west main trails to give access to the terrain on both sides of the pass.  Snow was heavy and wet but likely got better with last nights cold temps.  Still great coverage on the top of the pass off trail with lots of access to untracked terrain.  Was unable to reach HWY 242 on Trail 2 as the roads have melted out to much below 4200 feet elevation but trail 10 and 14 still have coverage around Cache Mountain. Weather forecast looks like it is shaping up for some beautiful spring riding starting tomorrow through Saturday and then rain sets in on Sunday.  My advice is if you have the time take advantage of the next three days.  The lawn can wait to be mowed.  One thing to keep in mind is the access road was not in great shape.  Parking lot had a fair amount of new snow but was still manageable with traction tires or 4 wheel drive.  ODOT will likely be reducing the amount of plowing from here forward so in the future when you come up be prepared for challenging conditions if we receive new snow after this weekend.  As they say all good things must come to an end.  With funds running out and one tired crew we walk away with smiles on our faces knowing we had another great season.  Thanks everyone who has supported us this past year!  Hope to see you all next year!  Groomer Chad

Grooming Report Wednesday, April 5, 2023

The map quit tracking did the whole west side? a B  C  loops also went to little Nash and back up the wagon rode the 300  with the PB 400 lots of snow and good trails 

Grooming Report Thursday, March 25, 2023

Eastside grooming report for Saturday night March 25th. PB400 covered some ground heading from Ray Benson out to HWY 242, opening trails back up that had been buried with new snow and drifts.  Trail 2 is pretty thin down near 242 but currently has full coverage.  Anyone coming from the east that does not want to deal with the masses at Hoodoo and traffic on the pass can park at the gate on 242 and ride all the way up to Ray Benson.  Trails are buff right now with snow falling tonight to make them super yummy in the morning with good base and icing on top.  Off groom it is deep and light. Be prepared to use your throttle or have to dig.  Coverage is legit now with access to a lot of the terrain in and around Cache Mountain finally rideable.  More on the way this coming week.  Reminder that avy danger is still high.  Don’t tackle the steep lines on Cache or Sand Mountain (ride the low angle sides) till things settle in.  Lastly parking lot is pretty full tonight with overnight campers.  Tomorrow will likely be packed so arrive early and park responsibly. Enjoy and be safe! 

Grooming Report Thursday, March 16, 2023

PB100 report.  
With the upcoming cross-country ski event this coming weekend today's PB100 grooming focused on preparing the trails for the skiers. 
Spent the day out by Hwy 242 on the Cross District trail, Trail 2A, 2B, and actually pushed the lava flow sections which required a bunch of snow farming.  
Found a bunch of large freshly cut trees that had been cut down and partly cut up for what appears to be firewood.  The people that did this moved the no-wheeled vehicles sign, drove past the sign, replaced the sign, harvested the firewood, left a huge mess to clean up along with truck ruts all over the place on the Cross District trail.     It's been cleaned up the best I could do with the little snow coverage in that area.  
After cleaning up this mess I located some vehicles down a spur road, law enforcement was contacted and I hope to hear the outcome.

Grooming Report Monday, March 13, 2023

PB400 didn't run last night as the operator had some vehicle problems on the way to the mountain.  
PB100 Monday night's goal was to get to the lava flows near intersection 518 and remove the log jam.  The log jam has been reduced to just a small pile on the side of the trail and snow farmed from the nearby area has covered the remaining logs that couldn't be moved safely. 
I had trouble finding the turn in the dark to assess the lava flow section so don't laugh when you that I turned around a few times.  I will send a message to the other groomer to remember to add some reflectors to this area.  I used what I had to help but it could use more.   
Please make sure to stay out of the area between the Toll Station and 242 this weekend for the race to help avoid user conflict.  
We have bare dirt showing as of last night along a good portion of the cross-district trail between 2A and 2B.  It was snowing when I passed through this area but with minimal snow expected by this weekend, I would expect skiing on roadbed portions of this section. 
Yes I know I don't understand why you wouldn't push skis with a track also, I can't only think the cross-country skiers haven't experienced a snowmobile.

Grooming Report Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Last nights grooming in the PB100. The map cut off mid shift unfortunately but all of the wes side trails were groomed. The east side will be re-groomed tonight. Christian 

Grooming Report for Monday, March 6, 2023

West side groomed tonight.  Snow is deep and is really good right now.  Off trail is really deep so be heads up.  ODOT has the road in and parking lot I. Great shape.  Might even see some sun breaks tomorrow for anyone lucky enough to come ups on a Monday. 

Grooming Report for Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Grooming report for the PB400 tonight.  Fair amount of of new snow fell this afternoon and this evening. Temps started around 33 degrees and dropped to 28 by midnight.  Roughly 6-8 inches of new snow today.  With temperatures dropping overnight the snow should be good by morning.  The parking lot at Ray Benson was a mess this afternoon but ODOT is up tonight clearing and it should be nice by morning.  Some good riding to be had. 

Grooming Report for Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Last nights PB400 run. Ian was EVERYWHERE 😂 as evidenced by these maps. We’re keeping our trails in great shape as the snow comes in. Enjoy!! 

Grooming Report for Friday, February 3, 2023

Grooming maps for the PB100 and PB400 for last night. Thanks Paul and Petey for keeping our trails nice and smooth for everyone.

Grooming Report for Thursday, February 2, 2023

Here’s the PB400 map from last night. Everything should be nice and groomed up for the coming weekend. Hopefully we’ll get the predicted snow! 

Grooming Report for Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Last night's west side groom for the PB100. Looks to be cooler with snow predicted for the end of this week and into the weekend! Thanks Shawn. 

Report for the PB400 tonight.  Groomed the big loop around Cache Mountain including the extension on Trail 14.   the trail is thin in some spots, but was able to successfully lay nice corduroy around the entire loop. The inner trails of the loop are still in great shape from last nights grooming, crew.  Right now everything east of Ray Benson looks to be in great shape with the exception of trail 2 south of Junction 516 that’s getting thin and bare in spots. Looks like we have some warmer temps for the next couple days so great opportunity to do some cruising on the trails. Keep your fingers crossed for more snow this weekend. 

Grooming Report for Tuesday, January 31, 2023

PB100 and PB400 routes last night.  Snow was much drier last night and temps were fluctuating from 5-20 deg F.

Grooming Report for Thursday, January 19, 2023

Last night's PB400 map. Trails should be nice and smooth as usual. 

Grooming Report for Tuesday, January 17, 2023

PB 100 1-17-23
West side was groomed last night with the 100 by Shawn out to Little Nash and around the primary trail 3 loops.  
Shawn has been operating the PB100 solo Tuesday’s the past few weeks he is getting it down.  
Don’t let up on the snow dances!!  It’s been snowing this week!!  
We need about foot of new snow in the lower elevations, and we will attempt to get back out to Lava Lake / Big Springs with the 100.

Tonight’s grooming report for the PB400. Groomed out to 3 Bowls and then out and around Cache Mountain. Trails east of Cache are getting very thin and even bare in spots. Trail 10 between junction 515 and 516 is in real bad shape.  Upper trails around Ray Benson and Sand Mountain are great. We definitely need some more snow.  Fingers crossed this coming week delivers! 

Grooming Report for Monday, January 16, 2023

PB100 Route 1-16-23 
PB100 was down for a few days with a sensor issue, the sensor has been replaced and the PB100 is back up and running.  
Last night the 100 went out east and pushed to Brandenburg, Island Shelter and out Trail 14.  Trail 14 had a bunch of deep truck ruts, they have been covered and smooth trail covered them up. 
 Two new large berms have been placed on the routes it appears the trucks have been entering the Sno-Park and a third berm has been enlarged.  
Thankful for the recent new snow we have received!  Enjoy!

Thanks Ian Connors for taking our PB400 out for your first solo trip on the trails! Welcome our the group of club operators. If you see Ian grooming Monday nights, please give him a wave! 

Blast from the past. These are the original Mt Jefferson groomers from 17 years ago with our first (humble) cat. Since Ron retired this year on 1/1/23 - that's it. Happy trails Ron - I'll miss you my friend and all the times we were lost together. C 

Grooming Report for Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Tonight’s grooming for the PB400. Jim Brister was all over our mountain like white one rice. He said the snow was good but but we can always use more. Next week looks like we have some good news coming. If the snow level pops up tomorrow, we may pause grooming for a couple days until freezing temperatures return. However, the trails are in great shape so enjoy your weekend everyone!!  Get those snow dances going!!!! 

Tonight’s grooming map. Made it out to Little Nash, up Sand Mountain, out to Three Bowls and pretty much everything in between.  A reminder that we are still not grooming trail 1 between Ray Benson and Three Bowls due to water hazards.  3-4 inches of wet snow fell while grooming.  Fingers crossed for more storms and snow this coming week and next.  Be careful and have fun! 

Grooming Report for Friday, January 6, 2023

Here’s the PB100 grooming map from last night. The west side trails should all be butta smooth thanks to Paul and Shawn. 

Well, Petey DeHaan made it all the way out to the rock house again last night with the PB400 and took this great picture of the cat from the top. Great job man! 

Grooming Report for Monday, January 2, 2023

Tonight’s map for the PB400. We’re still clearing trees from the windstorm but most of the trails are open and groomed. Hope everyone had a great NYE! 

Grooming Report for Sunday January 1, 2023

Happy New Year’s!! 
Here is NYE’s PB100 map.   
Ben was also out in the PB400.  I believe he went to Brandenburg and some of the East Side.

Stay off trail #1 to 3 bowls folks or suffer this peril. Will notify you all when it's safe.

Grooming Report for Friday, December 30, 2022

Grooming Report for Thursday, December 29, 2022

Ross and John pounded and cut their way out to 3 bowls tonight in the PB100. Wasn’t easy but they made it eventually. Great work guys!  Many more days of recovery to go. Jim and Chad are still out tonight in the PB400 clearing trails. Their report will be forthcoming. What a mess!! FYI - Trail #1 to 3 Bowls from Ray Benson is closed due to water. Travel at your own risk. 

Grooming Report for Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Ray Benson Sno-Park Update - Please do not come up expecting anything other than a sh$;t show. The parking lots are a mess with down trees that have NOT been cleared. There is absolutely no room for RVs or trailers. We HIGHLY advise people stay clear until ODOT can clear the area. Word to the wise. Please pass this along. We will post updates when available. 
PS - Groomers are out today beginning recovery efforts.

Grooming Report for Thursday, December 22, 2022

Last night's grooming map for the PB400 with Chad Sperry at the controls all night. Great job Chad learning a new skill! This is the best grooming crew ever! So proud of the veterans and new groomers working so hard this year to make our riding area perfect 🤩 

Grooming Report for Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Tonight’s grooming with the PB 400 it turned off really cold at 14° 

Last nights grooming map for the PB400 with Chad Sperry at the controls all night. Great job Chad learning a new skill! This is the best grooming crew ever! So proud of the veterans and new groomers working so hard this year to make our riding area perfect 🤩

Grooming Report for Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Tonight's grooming in the PB100 

Grooming Report for Monday, December 19, 2022

PB100 Grooming Report for 12-19-22.
Yesterday's PB100 goal was to meet up with James Benson and remove the tree that stopped Anthony's and Ron's progress on the Lava / Big Springs side last Tuesday.   
While the tree wasn't huge by any standard it was leaning against some other trees placing it in a bind that caused the decision to be made to bring in James for the safe removal of the tree. 
Jac Que Line and I left the grooming shed around 9 am Monday morning to meet up with James at the tree location between noon and 1pm.  We groomed from the shed down to the 301 trail.  Once down on the 301 we lifted the tiller and made a dash towards Lava Lake Snowpark via Trail 301 and Trail 30.  
In order to conserve our limited fuel capacity on some of these long runs we lift the tiller and do minimal blade work on the way out knowing we must make the return trip along the same route back.  This normally lowers our fuel burn rate by 2 - 4 gallons per hour depending on snow conditions.  
Once across Hwy 20, we realized someone had driven around our berm and had wrecked the trail between Hwy 20 and Lava.  This has been repaired and a larger berm placed.  We also reinforced the berm leaving Lava Lake Snowpark in both directions on the way back to the grooming shed. 
James and a riding buddy (I'm sorry I didn't get the other guy's name) met us near the tree that was blocking Trail 50.  It has been removed and Trail 50 is groomed.  Huge shout out to James for the assist with this tree.  
We then proceeded toward Tombstone Snowpark via Trail 58.  When we headed off in that direction we set an alarm for 90 minutes as our safe fuel turnaround point.  Upon returning to the grooming shed we believe we had the fuel to make it to the end of Trail 58 but at the time couldn't take the risk.  
Trails 3, 3A, 300, 301, 30, and parts of 50, 55, and 58 have been groomed round trip 12 hours and 80 miles. 
Hope you all have a fantastic time riding and remember safety is the number 1 priority! 

Last night's little west side route for the PB400. The PB100 was out on the Big Spring side doing some trail prep and tree clearing for our further expansion into the pyramid loop. Great job guys! 

Grooming Report for Saturday, December 17, 2022

Last two nights grooming maps. Everything on the mountain should be smooth as silk including the rock house and Big Spring.  

Grooming Report for Thursday, December 15, 2022

Well Jim Brister and Clayton Miller groomed out to the Rock House (Dee Wright Observatory) tonight and the snow was great. Now we have East a”AND West side adventures for the whole family this weekend so there’s no excuse to not get out and ride. The club be has a beginners ride on Saturday starting at 10am at Ray Benson Snow Park heading towards Big Spring Snow Park. Come join us! 

Grooming Report for Wednesday, December 14, 2022

This is our second assault on the far west side of our newly developed riding area which includes Lava Lake Snow Park and Big Springs Snow Park. The black outline is Day 1 (Tyler) and the green is Day 2 the explorers club (Tony and Ron). I also included a picture of Ron’s favorite cat for old time's sake since he’s retiring soon. 

Thanks Chad Sperry for helping me out tonight by taking some sweet drone footage of me pushing out Sand Mountain. After that, he started honing his skills with the PB400. Way to go Chad! 

Grooming Report for Monday, December 12, 2022

Last night and today’s grooming maps. Snow was primo and trails are butta smooth. Oh ya - they ground out all of the parking lots tonight with the blower. Thanks, ODOT! 

BTW I think I saw the PB100 headed towards Big Springs again tonight on a mission…Hmmm. More to come. 

Grooming Report for Saturday, December 10, 2022

The upper trails were also groomed yesterday courtesy of Tony. Everyone should be able to have a fine day exploring. 

Last nights grooming thanks to Ben. Lots of freshies. ODOT did their best to clear out the snow but there were a lot of campers already parked in the area. Should be plenty of space to park your rig.  Have a great ride! 

Paul V. and Petey DeHaan had both groomers out last night and here are the maps. About 12” of fresh with more on the way. Trails are in excellent shape and both groomers will be out again tonight making sure they stay that way. We are planning another trip to Big Spring Sno Park after the storms as well as a run out to the Rock House and groom up Hwy 242. As long as we keep getting this white gold - hope you’re all making some holiday plans to visit us 🙂 

Grooming Report for Friday, December 9, 2022

Ross had the PB100 out last night as well. We’ll be working hard during the storms to keep the trails groomed so you and your families can enjoy the white room. Make plans to get your sleds out this weekend and ride! Use Avenza and our entire trail system is downloadable for free 😃 

Grooming Report for Thursday, December 8, 2022

Tonight’s grooming with the PB 400 

Ross had the PB100 out last night as well. We’ll be working hard during the storms to keep the trails groomed so you and your families can enjoy the white room. Make plans to get your sleds out this weekend and ride! Use Avenza and our entire trail system is downloadable for free 😃

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