Mt. Hood Snowmobile Club Groomed Report

Grooming Report March 24, 2024

Due to the lack of snow and the warm weather, we are officially calling this season over. I would like to thank all the groomers and the people that rode along with us. It was an outstanding year. Hope everyone has a good spring and summer. See you next winter. 
Tim Curly, 
Mt Hood Snowmobile Club Grooming Chairman

Grooming Report February 27, 2024

Avalanche Warning
An avalanche warning has been issued for the West North, West Central, and Stevens Pass zones as of 6pm on February 27, 2024.
A major winter storm will impact our region Tuesday evening through Thursday night. This system has it all: heavy precipitation, very strong winds, and warming temperatures. All of this will fall on top of a generally cold snowpack with known weaknesses. In many spots, the storm (and avalanche danger) will peak during the daylight hours Wednesday. 
Very dangerous avalanche conditions will develop in all forecast zones. We’ve issued avalanche warnings for places near Hwy 542, Mt Baker, the Mt Loop Hwy, and Stevens Pass. Very large natural avalanches are expected. This isn’t a time to try and thread the needle. Put plenty of space between you and anywhere avalanches can start, run, and stop.

Grooming Report February 26, 2024

Kids snowmobile safety class via Zoom Monday February 26th 6:30 to 8pm.  Contact TJ Reilly The class is free. 

Grooming Report February 24, 2024

Red loop was done wed.  Blue loop was done Thursday.  A modified yellow was done friday as it took 6 hours to get the 60ish trees out of the trail on the east side loop.  Trails are hard and smooth but more snow is needed.

Grooming Report February 19, 2024

Grooming Report February 16, 2024

Our volunteers groomed out to White River and Bonney Meadows today.  They removed 16 hazard trees from the trails.  Show your support and join our club today! 

Grooming Report February 14, 2024

Our volunteers groomed and removed 17 hazard trees from the trails today. Show your support by becoming a member today. 

Grooming Report February 12, 2024

Monday Grooming Report.
Lenny creek trail system is groomed and open.
Ride safe.

Grooming Report February 9, 2024

Green Loop all done.  Double pass to the lookout and back.  I would not go all the way around warmsprings as no snow in long sections and lots of trees limbs. 

Grooming Report February 7, 2024

Our volunteers spent 10 hours grooming and removing trees from the trails today.  Show your support by joining our club today.  Https:// 

Grooming Report February 6, 2024

Our volunteers removed over 150 trees from the trails today.  Show your support for our volunteers by joining our club today.

Grooming Report February 5, 2024

Our volunteers spent over 12 hours grooming and removing 32 trees that were blocking the trails on Monday. 

Grooming Report February 2, 2024

Grooming Report February 1, 2024

Before and after… moving lots of trees today.  Timothy Lake Loop will be ready for the weekend. 

Grooming Report January 27, 2024

Grooming has paused 
Due to the atmospheric river coming into Oregon Friday driving freezing levels up and dropping 2+ inches of rain Grooming will stop until Weds  1/31 and be reevaluated at that time.

Grooming Report January 23, 2024

Our volunteers removed 49 trees today.  They groomed from Skyline to White River East. 

Grooming Report January 22, 2024

Our volunteers removed over 60 trees from the trails today. 

Grooming Report January 16, 2024

Last night our PB 400 broke down on top of Frog Lake Butte.  Our volunteer operator had to be rescued.  This morning 2 mechanics from Pisten Bully spent several hours getting it running again. We hope to be grooming again on Thursday after the ice storm. 

Grooming Report January 15, 2024

Our volunteers removed numerous trees that were blocking the Clear Lake Loop trail today.  It never got warmer than 4 degrees today.

Grooming Report January 12 & 13, 2024

On Thursday club volunteer Larry Traxler groomed out to High Rocks and on Friday club volunteer Kirk Snyder groomed out to Warm Springs Cabin and beyond. (see pictures below)

Our volunteer groomers have removed lots of downed trees. Since then, we have been getting reports of lots more downed trees blocking the trails. It may be a while before we are able to get all the trees removed, so be careful if you plan on going snowmobiling.

Grooming Report January 11, 2024

ODOT did an amazing job plowing Skyline Sno-Park. Our volunteers are out grooming today.  Scheduled grooming route subject to change depending on conditions.

Grooming Report January 10, 2024

Skyline Sno-Park has 2ft of snow, not plowed as of 8am Wed 

Grooming Report January 8, 2024

Due to low snow conditions we were only able to groom some of Frog Lake.  We will not be grooming on Tuesday and Wednesday due to the incoming storm.

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