La Pine Lodgepole Dodgers

Grooming Report March 29, 2024

Thank you so much to all of the La Pine Lodgepole Dodgers groomers for all your volunteer hours and hard work. 
Chuck Ehlert
Jack Reynolds
Dennis Wallan 
Daniel Maestas
Rick Lind
Chuck made one final groom up to the peak today, but due to a lack of snow around the shed we are calling it a season.  On behalf of your La Pine Lodgepole Dodgers grooming team, we feel privileged that you have trusted your beloved playground to us with a 25,000 pound behemoth at our fingertips.  Have a safe and fun-filled summer and remember, it’s never too early to start thinking snow.    Warning:  some trail moguls may be deeper than their appearance πŸ˜Š.

Grooming Report March 21, 2024

The past week was quite warm up in the park. We have lost a few inches of snow. The park has entered the annual freeze thaw spring conditions that generate icy trails in the morning and slushy conditions by lunch time.  We tried to remove some whoops in critical areas with hopes of consolidating some snow due our way this weekend!

Hopeful for at least one more good snow!

Grooming Report March 11, 2024

This year I challenged myself to become a Sno cat Operator for the La Pine Lodgepole Dodgers! The Prinoth Bison is a beast! Awesome to Volunteer for the local Oregon State Snowmobile Association club! Look out for some smooth courdoury!

Grooming Report February 29, 2024

Grooming report courtesy of Chuck Ehlert
Trails are riding well. Plenty of snow in the park and more to come over the next couple days. 
Be cautious on and under steep sections. The recent storms have may have created wind slabs and storm slabs throughout the park!!

Grooming Report February 27, 2024

While the crest of the Cascades has been getting dumped on, Newberry Caldera has been getting the meager leftovers.  This is a trademark of westerly storms and if we had a good base at lower elevations it would be all we needed for a refresh but we’re still hurting for more snow on lower elevation trails.  The upper trails are a 10 out of 10 right now and the boondocking doesn’t get any better than 8” of new on top of a base of “hero snow”.  However, it’s really starting to look like we will have an early ending to our grooming season.  As the days are getting longer and the ground is getting warmer, the chances are growing slim that we will get the base back at the parking lot and groomer shed elevation.  So take advantage of it now while you can still unload your sled and ride on snow to get to the high country.  Groomed the big loop this morning starting with 65 to 2 and returning on 4. 

Report February 25, 2024

Wow we had an amazing turn out of volunteers this yr for Candlelighters on the snow! The smiles of the children and their families say it all. They also have a list of volunteers to thank for bringing it all together. 
Thank you everyone - 
Brenda & her helpers in the kitchen - she came over from the coast & brought all of her own serving equipment & she pre-made food. 
Klamath County Search & Rescue team - first time at the event.
Crescent fire department for the use of the fire station & kitchen
Les Schwab employees and the bonus stocking caps, also first time at the event
Lodgepole Dodgers and all the 2-up snowmobiles many with trailers (most we have seen!)
Cross Country skiiing team - (sorry I dont have the geoups name) that gear the kids & families up teaching them the ropes of treking across the snow
And the best for last - the host snowmobile club, Walker Rim Riders at Hwy58 Crescent snowpark that has put this event on for years (I think I heard this event started around 2008). CJ Price for grooming, sled hill building and the club members who do a fantastic job pulling it all together. Food, hot cocoa in the waming cabin, smores over the camp fire and the sled hill.

Grooming Report February 22, 2024

The entire trail system is holding up, but with above freezing days and cold nights we have a freeze thaw cycle going on. Which results in an occasional patch of ice when traveling on the trails.

We have about 40” of snow at the resort and generally better conditions at the higher elevations. The east side of the park continues to have more snow.

Grooming Report February 15, 2024

Paulina trails are in fair to good shape. We have reduced our time grooming the trails due to higher than usual temperatures and lower than normal snowpack.

The snow around 10 mile is minimal, but averages 30” inside the park. Plenty of snow to have a good ride. The higher elevations are holding more snowpack and have a solid base layer. The Eastside is also holding more snow.

Groomed trail 4 both ways hoping the new snow currently falling will make for some great riding this weekend! 

If you plan to ride in some of the steeper terrain be sure to check the latest observation by COAC.

Forecasts – Central Oregon Avalanche Center

Grooming Report February 7, 2024

We got out and groomed trail 4 this week. We continue to have fair to good riding conditions throughout the park.

10mile is showing patches of dirt, but turns to all snow about a 1/4mile up the trail.

Wind transfer and the most recent storm from the south has left the upper and east side of the trail system in good condition. Don’t forget to Check Central Oregon Avalanche center observations page if you planning to ride or ski around Paulina Peak.

Forecasts – Central Oregon Avalanche Center


Grooming Report January 31, 2024

We have had an unusually warm few days in the park and decided to stay off the trails. With cooler temps in the forecast, we are planning to groom a couple of areas that need our attention, but will generally leave the base snowpack alone until we get another significant snow event.


Chuck Down to Mud at the Cat Shed

Grooming Report January 14, 2024

Groomed 1, 4 & 11 tonite.   The back side of Trail 4 needed some major road building so beware of some rough spots.  The dog sled turnaround at the Hot Springs boat ramp is ready and waiting for you mushers.  The road up is in excellent condition and the parking lot is in fair condition.  Please politely help new snopark users to learn how to park in the middle and double up vehicles without trailers.  There was a small slide today at Hell Hole.  If you notice avy signs or instability, please post an observation at this link:

Grooming Report January 12, 2024

After logging over 20 hours of volunteer time making necessary cat repairs, we’re back at what we do best.  Plenty of coverage on this entire route and leaners and blow-down have all been dealt with.  Parking lot and road are in great shape, winds are light to moderate and the trails are waiting for YOU!
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January 8, 2024

❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ ❄ IT'S SNOWING!!! ❄❄ ❄ ❄ ❄

The La Pine Lodgepole Dodgers has lots of fun in store for the 2024 OSSA Convention.

Register today by clicking on the link below or contact the OSSA office at (541) 797-6880.

Register Here

Registration ends January 15, 2024.

January 2, 2024

Please contact Lodgepole Dodgers or Moon Country Snowbusters with any information. Both locations vandalized over the holiday.  It’s possible these vandalisms are connected and involve the same group of people.

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