Klamath Basin Snowdrifters Grooming Report

Grooming Report for March 24, 2024 
The techs from Pisten Bully were up today to change out the tracks on the 400, the tracks are too wide and are damaging the cat when we have to make sharp turns. So no grooming today. Thanks to Jim, Ken, and Dan for coming up to lend a hand.
After, we wandered over to the resort at Lake of the Woods for a burger and found these lost souls... Talk about surprised!

Grooming Report for March 23, 2024

Chris and Dan headed out today with the cat, we headed past the Brown Mountain shelter and toward the 37 Road. The trees are still there. We were hoping the tree gypsies would have come got them. But nope.
So we headed toward the Pedersen Crossing at Dead Indian. We got to the crossing pretty easily and were able to open it up. Then we headed toward the Keno Access road on the Pedersen trail. 33 trees, mostly mid-size. We turned around at the intersection of Burton Flat and Keno Access. There is as much as 4 feet of snow on some sections of that trail. 
53 miles, good day. Right until we got back to the barn, then it started raining.

Grooming Report for March 19, 2024

Bill R and Ken made their way up to the end of Cold Springs and to Fourmile today. Snow is leaving pretty quickly, especially on Cold Springs. We may be done grooming soon in that direction unless we get the potential snow this weekend... THINK SNOW! IT's too early for spring!!

 Report for March 13, 2024

Klamath Basin Snowdrifters End of Year Party

End Of Year Party April 20th at Trappers on Kingsley Field Base. Adults $27, Children 18-11 years old $10, and Children under 10 years of age free.

Grooming Report for February 23, 2024 

Cat went to Cold Springs and to 4 Mile and into Rye Spur today. Snow is iffy down low with a bunch of bad spots after the bridge on Cold Springs.

Grooming Report for February 22, 2024

Cat did about 48 miles in 9.5 hours. Nice day on the snow! 

Grooming Report for February 22, 2024
Ken and Jim had the cat out today, they made their way up toward Buck Peak via the Sunset Trail. Because of the awesome saw work that the USFS Klamath District Rec folks did, they pushed 73 trees but only had to cut a few! Ken stated that the snow toward the top was over the top of the tracks on the cat, so there is snow at higher elevations! No pics, but the trail to Buck Peak is open!

Grooming Report for February 21, 2024

Thanks Wednesday groomers out of Big meadow today 

Grooming Report for February 15, 2024

Steve and Dan made it out with Old Yeller today, after doing some troubleshooting on "Flipper". We apparently have a hydraulic valve stuck or an O ring that is not sealing. The Piston Bully tech will be here tomorrow to get it repaired. 
We groomed into Lake of the Woods, then went toward the Sunset Trail and to the end of Varney Creek. Time was short today, so we did not start heading toward Buck Peak. 
The good news... the saw didn't come off the cat all day 😃  (small victories, I know!)

Grooming Report for February 14, 2024
Bill and Bill had the cat out today, they made it past the Brown Mountain Shelter intersection and headed west toward the 37 Road. They got as far as Intersection 32 (where Daley Creek meets Daley Prairie, end of the pavement) and headed back to the barn. 
We are still dealing with a ton of trees and now there is new snow on top of some of the stuff, which makes it very hard on the cat. 
Be patient, we will get there one of these days!

Grooming Report for January 16, 2024

Another day, another 1000 board feet 😉
Ken and Mike took "Flipper" (the new PB 400) out and Bill and Dan took out "Old Yeller" to hit those pesky trees again. But... we had helpers! A crew of four from the USFS on snowmobiles and Brandon, our concrete guru, came out to help us. It is still a mess, but with more saws running and more folks, we made better progress today. The snow is DEEP (Micky calls it "post hole" snow, because when you walk, you leave post holes 🙂 ). I call it a way to get your cardio without a gym membership!
"Flipper" went back to the East Fourmile trail, and whacked away at the trees. Old Yeller went across the Pierce trail to the Fourmile trail. There are a TON of powerline and tree folks trying to get the power back up, it's a mess for those guys. We made it about 2 miles up, and have the same situation as East Fourmile; LOTS of trees, many big ones blocking access. You won 't be able to get to Fourmile lake until we can get the cats all the way through. It is SLOW going!!
We will be hitting it again tomorrow, again with the aid of the USFS. It is great to have them out there, we get a lot more done with more saws!

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Grooming Report for January 15, 2024

Egad, the trees, the trees. Today could have been better... we had both cats scheduled to get out and make some smooth trails. Unfortunately, the yellow cat broke a grouser bar about a mile from the barn and it took FOREVER to get that dang thing changed. The good news... we actually had one to replace it with! So there is that...
Then Bill K and Steve headed toward Cold Springs, they made it about 5 miles and took out over 60 trees. Ken and I headed to the East Fourmile trail to Fourmile; we made it 3 miles and called it a day. Good grief. We pushed about 20 with the cat and then ran headlong into the mess. We will be going out tomorrow to tackle that portion of the trail, but right now, it's impassable.

Report for January 12, 2024

If you’re looking for a place to park and a winter adventure, Rainbow Bay snow park at Lake of the Woods is fully plowed. Heated bathrooms and flush toilets, Rainbow Bay is adjacent to the resort and a nice place to park and enjoy winter adventures.
Resort is open every day.

Club ride for Jan 20th will be at Annie Creek! Hope to see ya'll there! ❄️❄️❄️

Grooming Report for January 11, 2024

We were at the cat shed for training in the new cat today. We did not get far from the barn, so not much grooming was done. 
I did get a report that there are MULTIPLE trees down on the trail to Pelican, some are pretty big and have recently come down. Also, the Dead Indian snow park was not plowed, so parking should be at Great Meadow. Be careful if you go that direction.

Grooming Report for January 8, 2024

Bill Roberts and I braved the roads and got Old Yeller out for the first grooming of the year. After remembering how all the controls work and cleaning the snow at the Cat Shed, we made it up to Fourmile Lake via the East Fourmile Trail and then down to 140 and back to the barn. 
Until we get some training done, we will be doing short days with not many miles. 
Snow down low was marginal and it rained on us from about noon on. The snow is sticky and hard to do anything with, but we did remove some trees that had fallen. Thanks for the help, whoever did the saw work!

Grooming Report January 2024

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