Chiloquin Ridge Riders Grooming Report

Grooming Report for March 7, 2024

Cat groomed north about 20 miles on tuesday, low visibilty and tons of powder. 
Today the cat did 48 miles, groomed cedar creek, 2 play, goosenest, buffalo meadow, dry creek and up to the 7 mile gravel pit! Snow is great up high! Good down low. Lots of it.
Planning to have the cat groom up north to the pinnacles tomorrow. 
Thanks to all our volunteer operators. 
NoHost club ride on saturday, be there at 9, rides start at 10.

Grooming Report for February 28, 2024

Yesterday sun pass was groomed. Snow is sparce down low, but once up in elevation it isnt bad. 
Today, wednesday, scott creek was groomed all the way up to the wash out. 
We plan to have the cat out the rest of this week, we hope to get the big reset of snow the weather man is talking about but we will see. Keep up the snow dances!

Grooming Report for February 26, 2024

Groomer was out today. Goosenest/buffalo meadow was groomed. Ran a lil over 30 miles today. Hoping for more snow! Thanks to our great volunteer groomers! 

Grooming Report for February 23, 2024

Thanks to our volunteer groomers this week!! 
Buffalo meadow, goosenest and dry creek down to 7 mile was groomed on the west side of the highway. 
The 5,8 and 13 roads along with sun pass down to the pinnacles were groomed.
Go enjoy the snow! Winter ain’t over yet!

Grooming Report for February 14, 2024

Grooming update…
As of this weekend, the cat is having technical difficulties. We are working to try and identify the cause and fix the issue. Until we do so, the cat will not be grooming.

Grooming Report for February 9, 2024

Grooming Report for January 19, 2024

Dwight’s flight was groomed, 25 trees cleared. Mashed potato snow. Groomed to the liars loop intersection and then turned around. 

Grooming Report for January 17, 2024

Didn’t get any pictures the last couple days. 
Tuesday the groomer headed north, did sun pass, 4, 5 and 8 roads, pinnacles loop and clear down to the Scott creek trail. 
Today, (wednesday) the groomer did cedar creek, Goosenest, Buffalo meadow are dry creek. Lots of trees! Roughly 50 trees cleared today. 
Thanks to all our volunteer groomer operators. 
Dont stop the snow dances! We need more snow!

Grooming Report for January 11, 2024

Groomer was out for the first time this year. Went to the base of Dwight’s flight, not enough snow to take the cat up. 
Went up to Goosenest and Buffalo meadow, way more snow up there, 3+ ft. 
Removed 47 trees, very windy I can guarantee there will be more coming down, be careful.
Also big shoutout to ODOT for plowing the parking lot today! It’s all cleared!

Grooming Report for January 8, 2024



Nothing to report as of yet. Please come back 



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