Chiloquin Ridge Riders Grooming Report

District 5

Grooming Report for Wednesday, March 12, 2023

Columbia Gorge Power Sledders  Groomed to Flag Point yesterday and over 44 to Hwy 35 and back to Billy Bob. Most trails had tons of new snow. High Prairie and eightmile loop are on the radar. Happy trails 

Grooming Report for Friday, March 10, 2023

•Goosenest and Buffalo Meadow around Dry Creek and up to 7 mile
•The pinnacles and Sun Pass 
•5 and the 8 Rd
Dwight’s flight was not groomed due to there being too much snow and the cat was not able to make it up all the way.

Grooming Report for Friday, March 3, 2023

All the trail systems are groomed up and ready to ride except for Dwight’s flight. We are also expected to get even more snow this weekend! 

Grooming Report for Friday, January 27, 2023

Thanks to our volunteers! Without you we would not have such nice trails! 
What’s been groomed?
Goosenest and Buffalo meadow around dry creek and up to 7 Mile.
The Pinnacles and Sun Pass 
Dwight’s flight over and around to 3 Mile creek. 
Thanks again to Levi, Casey, Jim, John, Bernie, Marvin and Tom for volunteering your time this week!

Grooming Report for Friday, January 13, 2023

The cat was out 5 days this week! Monday John and Levi took the cat to clean up some more downed trees around dry creek and Buffalo meadow and also built the ramp up Dwight’s flight. Tuesday Jim took the cat around the pinnacles loop and 13 road. Wednesday John and Jacob opened up Dwight’s flight and into liars. Thursday John went up to Scott creek and cleaned up a bunch of new trees. Friday John and David went all the way to rock creek and Klamath groomed to rock creek as well so you can ride from LOW all the way to Annie. Thanks to all our volunteer groomers! Snow is getting better every day. 

Grooming Report for Thursday, January 5, 2023

Lots and Lots and Lots of trees…
The cat was out in full force this week. Goosenest and Buffalo meadow was groomed by John and Levi Monday with lots of trees down. Sun pass and pinnacles was groomed by Jim Tuesday with lots of trees down. Scott creek was groomed by Jacob and David Wednesday with lots of trees down. Lastly, John and Thomas groomed the 5 and 8 roads up around sun pass with lots of trees down. Can anybody guess the one thing that this week had? You guessed it…LOTS of trees!!!!! Close to 200 trees removed off trail this week!! Thanks to all of our VOLUNTEERS for keeping the trails groomed and trees-less.

Grooming Report for Friday, December 23, 2022

Merry Christmas everyone!
The cat was out this week. Groomed cedar creek, 2 play, Goosenest, both sides of dry creek and down to the 7 mile guard station. Until we get more snow, the cat will stay in the barn. Hopefully Santa brings some more snow with him! 
Jacob McCarty

Grooming Report for Friday, December 16, 2022

Thanks to our volunteers! 
The cat was out again this week. Tuesday we groomed sun pass, down to kimball, the overlook and pinnacles. Wednesday we groomed cedar creek loop, 2 play, Goosenest, Buffalo meadow, both sides of dry creek and to the top of 7 mile. Today, Thursday, we groomed up to the Scott creek washout and down across the tie road. Snow is looking good, should be great riding this weekend!! Thanks to all our groomer operators, Jim, David and Jacob. 
Also, if you haven’t, join your local club! Your support helps keep the trails maintained!

Grooming Report for Thursday, December 8, 2022

Hey everyone! 
Good to be back out in the snow! 
This week we we’re able to get the cat out for the 1st time this season. Sunday John and Marvin groomed dry creek, Goosenest and Buffalo meadow. Tuesday John and Jacob went back up to Buffalo meadow and removed some hazard trees across the trail, dry creek and down to 7 mile guard station. Wednesday John and Jim opened up the gates on the north side and did sun pass and the 5 and 8 roads. Thursday John and Jacob went up to the washout at Scott creek and back down and around the meadow by Annie creek. Should be pretty good riding with the new snow in the forecast. Planning to be out next week if we get the snow they are forcasting. Thanks again to all the time and effort our groomer operators volunteer. Have fun and go play on the snow! 
CRR President

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