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Select your membership type; either Club, Club/OSSA or Business membership.

Select "Club" if you already have a membership with another Oregon Snowmobile club that includes your OSSA dues. Select Club/OSSA if this will be your home club.

Join as many snowmobile clubs as you like as a "Club " member to show your support for our club volunteers.

If you are already a member and have an open invoice, please reach out to Lisa Burt at LBurt@oregonsnow.org

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Club/OSSA Membership! Membership is for you and all your family members in the same household. Your membership entitles you and your family members to participate in club events and receive all club communications and newsletters. This membership includes OSSA membership.

Business Membership is so your business can enroll and be a member of our club. Your business will be listed as a business member in our newsletters and your employees are invited to participate and represent your business at club events.

Club Membership is for those members who are already a member of OSSA.

Popular with members who just want more fun and laughs! You are paying dues for just our club when you already have an OSSA membership. Our club welcomes other club members and are looking forward to including you in all our fun! Many OSSA members join every club in every area that they ride just to say "Thank you" to our volunteers.

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